Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

If there’s something you can’t find the answer to please contact us.


What is the difference between Aria Escorts and Independent Escorts? Are Aria escorts independent? How is Aria different than other agencies?

Independent escorts are responsible for all their own advertising, marketing, screening, booking, and other upfront costs associated with their business. Someone new to the city, the industry, or busy with other life responsibilities may not have the time, money, or inclination to become independent immediately.  Aria Escorts members make use of the Aria’s administrative and booking services. These support services allow the Co-op member to become familiar with the city and industry without incurring upfront costs and having free time to work in another career or attend school.
Aria companions, while not independent, are helped to become so if that is their desire. That support and encouragement to do what is best for themselves is one of many ways Aria is different from other agencies. We strive to be open with all the ladies who are a part of Aria and listen to their concerns to make sure they are provided with the best work environment possible.

How do I make an appointment?

Our Booking Form has all the details on how to make an appointment.

What does outcall mean?

Outcall means that you will host the companion at your location. Aria companions prefer upscale hotels, private homes, and condominiums. Please understand that we do reserve the right to decline an appointment in certain areas or locations for the ladies’ safety.

Do you do incalls?

Aria companions do not provide incall service. We provide Toronto escort outcall service only.

I've had a bad experience at another agency. How I can be sure that Aria, Toronto Best Escort Agency will deliver?

We know this industry very well and understand that there can be a reputation of dishonesty, poor business practices and general lack of customer service. As former elite companions, these issues are what inspired us to found Aria and offer a better alternative to the typical agency for both the ladies and clients who value excellent customer service. We aim to provide an exceptional experience to all clients from the moment you contact us.

Once I have made a booking, how long will I have to wait?

When you make your booking, we will give you a realistic arrival time, dependent on traffic, time of day, and where you are located.  We will keep you informed if there are any delays. It is difficult for us to be able to have a companion on your door step within 1-2 hours so it is best to plan accordingly.


How do I contact Aria?

Our telephone number is 416-900-3773. Our email address is: AriaEscorts@protonmail.com

Can I text Aria for an appointment?

Eventually, yes. But we are not currently accepting text messages.

When will you answer my e-mail?

We aim to respond to all reservation requests that have included ALL requested verification information within 12 to 24 hours.  For faster bookings please call us at 416-900-3773. We work hard answer all emails as quickly as possible. The more information you are able to provide to use up front, the quicker the process will be.

If you are interested in meeting an Aria companion, it is our expectation that you introduce yourself properly and provide us with the required screening information to ensure the companions are comfortable and safe. Please make sure to include your name and cell phone number. The better we understand you and your expectations, the better your experience will be.

I sent an email but got no response.

We only reply to emails that are polite and serious. Please be respectful when writing to us. If you have not received a response to your email it may be due to the following:

You did not provide required verification information. Your email was rude, vulgar or inappropriately graphic.

There is a chance that we may have accidentally missed your email, and if so we are incredibly sorry! If you provided us with the requested information and were polite, yet still haven’t heard back from us, try sending us an email again. Thank you for understanding.


How do I pay?

Please have the agreed-upon fee ready in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the appointment.  Placing the envelope in plain view for the companion helps prevent an embarrassing situation when she has to ask for it. Price does not reflect what takes place during the booking as you are paying for time and companionship only. Do not try to negotiate prices with our companions. If you fail to pay your companion the correct amount, or attempt to negotiate her rate when she arrives, she will leave and your number will be blacklisted from our cooperative. Payment can be made in Canadian or US dollars. We take US currency at 1:1 due to the additional administrative cost of conversion.

Is tipping required?

If you are feeling generous, our ladies always appreciate a tip. While it is much appreciated it is by no means expected. Your presence is enough.

What are your rates?

Our rates are based on your location, length of your appointment, and how many ladies you would like to see (the more the merrier!).  Please see our rates page for details.

Can I have a discount / negotiate price?

Our rates are mutually agreed to by our members in a spirit of fairness and cooperation.
Aria companions prefer to focus on your experience, so they do not negotiate price during a call. The ladies take great pride in their work and find bargaining distasteful. Please treat the companion with courtesy and respect at all times. We have predetermined prices for multiple hour bookings which we encourage you to take advantage of. Beyond that, all our displayed rates are non-negotiable. Attempting to bargain with the administration or the ladies will make us unwilling to do business with you.

Is there an age requirement for clients?

You must be at least 18 years of age to book with Aria. There is no upper limit on client age – if you’re ready to play, so are we!

I’m from out of town. Can you recommend a hotel?

Sure! Contact us with what part of town you would like to stay in and we will be happy to help you find a great hotel.

Your Appointment

What information does Aria need to confirm my appointment?

To make a booking please be prepared to provide the following when contacting us:
Name, telephone number, address, hotel room number, date, time, duration, special requests, anything else you feel we need to know.

What should I pay attention to during my date with the lady?

First and foremost, you should enjoy yourself! Take time before your date to pay close attention to your hygiene to ensure a pleasant experience.  A shower, a change of clothes, and fresh breath make you feel your best!

Be respectful and polite, it really goes a long way. Some topics may be awkward and embarrassing for the companion; we suggest you avoid asking for private contact details, asking intimate questions about her private life, or talking about other companions you may have seen. Discretion is of the utmost importance to our ladies as it is to you.

It’s OK to be nervous.  Aria companions are very good at helping you relax and enjoy yourself.

Can I write a review? Can I see some reviews?

Aria ladies’ reviews will be linked on their profile. We do encourage you to give open, constructive feedback directly to Aria if you prefer not to review publicly. If you do choose to write a review please tell us about it so we can add it to the ladies’ profiles. And as always, we request that you be respectful of our companions at all times.

What Areas/Locations do you serve?

Aria provides outcall service throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  For an appointment outside the GTA, call or email info@ariaescorts.ca and we will do our best to accommodate you!

If I want to impress my companion, how can I do this?

Be respectful, and talk to her! Ask her what she likes and what turns her on. Ask them for permission if you would like anything ‘out of the ordinary’ and follow her lead. Our companions are happiest when a client is polite, respectful, and listens to her throughout the appointment. If you can do that then she is sure to be impressed!

How far in advance should I book my appointment?

Booking in advance helps ensure that you get to see your preferred companion when you like. Appointments can be scheduled as far in advance as you need. Same day appointments are always welcome of course, provided she is on the schedule for that day. If you are interested in seeing a lady who is not on schedule for the day you were interested in, we would be happy to contact her and see if she can be available for that day – just call Aria at 416-900-3773, fill in our handy direct booking form, or email us at info@AriaEscorts.ca

If you would like to make extended plans for travel or longer engagements please contact us as far in advance as possible to make sure we can accommodate your desires.

If I am not happy with my choice of companion can I cancel?

We understand that life is busy and the unexpected happens.  If necessary, you can cancel an appointment before your companion’s arrival with no penalty.
Aria staff will make every effort to help you make the right choice and prevent any awkward situation at the door. If you do decide to cancel within the first five minutes after her arrival, we require a fee of $50 to cover her travel expenses. If you would like to make a complaint, contact Aria, rather than addressing the companion herself about it. Please treat the companion with courtesy and respect at all times.

Do you offer 30 minute bookings?

At Aria, the minimum booking time is 1 hour. You of course are welcome to end the booking after 30 minutes but you will be charged for 1 hour minimum.

Can I make any special requests for clothing, etc.?

We welcome any special requests to make your experience memorable.  It may be difficult to accommodate same-day special clothing requests, so if you have your heart set on something, we suggest booking in advance. For particularly unique clothing or roleplay requests, give us a call to discuss your preference in more detail. This will ensure that your companion has the opportunity to get everything she needs to make your experience unforgettable.

Aria Companions

Can I offer the lady something to drink?

Of course you can.  If you would like to offer your companion something to drink, ask the booking staff what her preference is when you make your booking.  We do request that any bottle or container be opened for the first time in front of your companion.  To ensure the best experience for all, Aria companions indulge in moderation and do not get inebriated with clients.

Do Aria Companions see couples?

Many Aria companions enjoy meeting couples. To see a list of companions who see couples, please click here. Remember to let us know when you make your booking. There is no additional fee for couples.

How do the ladies present themselves?

The ladies arrive in contemporary attire that is attractive yet discreet. They will not try and draw attention to themselves for the sake of discretion. If you have any requests for clothing or appearance please ask us if we can fulfill them.

Are the companion’s photos and information real?

All the photos of our companions are taken by our professional photographer in our presence and are regularly updated. Any Photoshop work is done to protect the companion’s identity and not mislead our clients in any way. We get to know all of our companions personally and verify their measurements, age, appearance etc.  Each companion’s profile pictures are carefully selected to provide a complete representation of her appearance. If you would like more information about a companion to help make your selection, please call or email us with any questions. Aria does not provide photos by email or other means outside our website.

Why are the companion’s faces blurred in their photographs?

As much as Aria companions love their work. To protect their confidentiality in their personal lives, we obscure their faces and identifying features such as tattoos upon their request.

What about extras, such as bdsm and fetishes?

Aria companions have many special gifts and unexpected talents, so please do not be shy and feel free to call for more information. All the members of our staff are courteous and friendly, as long as your request is within reason – speak up and we will do our best to fulfill your fantasies!

I prefer more mature ladies as I am an older man, is this possible?

We pride ourselves on the variety of mature ladies who have chosen to join Aria Escorts Toronto. These exciting and vibrant women are the best in the business. With a wealth of experience, they are always the perfect choice.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Client satisfaction is one of our core values. Every member of our team is committed to delivering an outstanding experience. Aria cooperative members are open-minded and accommodating, and our professional booking and driving staff do their best to make sure your companion arrives on time. If you are disappointed in any aspect of your appointment, call or email Aria and we will work out a mutually satisfactory resolution.  We do expect our customers to understand that there are situations out of our control such as traffic, weather, and the availability of the ladies.


I am a visible minority. Can I book with Aria?

Aria welcomes all clients.  However, each member of the cooperative is free to limit her clientele list to certain groups for her own reasons.

Can I take pictures or video?

Recording your appointment is not permitted.  If you are found trying to record the appointment, the companion will leave immediately, you will be banned from booking with Aria, and your contact information will be listed on banned client lists for the industry as a whole. Again, we take our ladies privacy and safety very seriously. We will not abide any clients jeopardizing it in any way.

I am disabled, will this cause a problem?

We have many clients that are disabled and enjoy the services of our ladies, so don’t be shy to call. We believe that everyone, including the physically disabled, have physical needs. Many Aria companions enjoy time with disabled clients and will take the time to interact and ensure that you receive the attention you need and desire.  Please inform us of anything we should know when booking to ensure that your experience is fun and rewarding. To see a list of companions right for you click here.

Do I need to tell you if there is another person in my home/hotel?

Even if it is a roommate asleep or you are sharing a hotel room with someone else, we ABSOLUTELY need to know. Even if they are in their own room asleep and not participating. This is for yours and the companion’s comfort and safety.  Not informing us of others present during your booking could harm your ability to see an Aria companion in the future.

Do you entertain stags or parties?

No, we cannot accommodate any kind of request in which the companion(s) would be outnumbered out of concern for the ladies’ safety.   Our companions excel at small, personal, one on one meetings rather than raucous parties.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Aria accepts last minute as well as pre-arranged bookings. Aria companions are busy women with lives outside of work, so to avoid disappointment please try to book in advance.

Can I extend a booking once it has started?

If you are enjoying your time and would like to see your companion longer, we would love to extend your booking. Just tell your companion how much longer you would like to see her and she will call the administrators to make the arrangements.  If she is available longer, the ‘additional hourly’ rate will apply.  Ladies’ compensation for extended hours must be made before the extension time begins. Extended hours are not eligible for Courtesan rates.  To take advantage of our Courtesan rates, multiple hours must be booked upfront.

Is it possible to speak to an Aria companion directly?

For reasons of confidentiality and security, we cannot allow clients to contact Aria companions outside their scheduled appointment time. Aria companions choose to join our collective in order to provide security and anonymity to do their work. We respect their privacy and request you do the same. We take this very seriously.

You may hit it off with them and have a really great time together, but by asking a companion to see you outside of a booking may make her uncomfortable. We are happy to book an appointment with your favorite companion whenever possible.

Do you screen your clients/Do you need my personal information?

If you are using a credit card, we will need your personal information in order to process the payment.
If you are staying at a hotel, we need your first and last name as hotels request that visitors or callers know that info. We do not retain any client info on file. We require a full name and phone number to make sure our ladies safety is placed first and foremost. If you have seen a provider in the past and can provide a reference we would appreciate it.  Also, any handle you may have on a review board can help our verification process as well. Again, this information is for the sake of the ladies safety and will never be used for anything other than verification purposes.

Why do you need all this information?

To confirm an appointment, our booking staff will need your name and a telephone number where we can reach you to provide updates on your companion’s arrival time or changes to your appointment. We will never contact you outside of your immediate appointment day/time/needs. If you are staying at a hotel, we need the name your hotel room is booked under as hotels will not allow us to contact you otherwise. We also need to know where you would like to see your companion, the time and day you wish to schedule the appointment, and how long you would like to see her for booking purposes. For all the details, and to make a reservation, see our booking page.

If I call an Aria escort at 2:30 am on the last Sunday in October when they turn the clocks back an hour, do I get the extra hour?

No. Good question though.